About Ruggles

What we do and why you should consider us

Medical Association Management

Ruggles Service Corporation was founded in 1974 to provide exemplary service and attention to detail for our clients. With our innovative and highly trained staff, we provide a variety of in-house services geared to promote the growth, strength and integrity of the medical societies that we represent.

Ruggles is committed to serving only medical societies because it’s where we started and it’s what we know. For over 40 years we have dedicated ourselves to serving the Board of Directors and the membership of medical societies. We understand the uniqueness of this niche and our experience and knowledge of this industry allows us to focus on and provide unprecedented service to our clients. Ruggles has strong relationships with the medical community and its association leaders. We are entrenched with the medical suppliers and manufacturers and are positioned to maximize these relationships for the benefit of our societies.