“Ruggles has been a partner with our society since its inception, and I cannot imagine going through the process of starting and growing a professional society without their leadership and expertise.  Every day, the staff at Ruggles exceeds our expectations in providing comprehensive support for association management.  We are privileged to consider the folks at Ruggles our colleagues and our friends.”
- Patricia D. Scherrer M.D.

“Our leadership along with the hard working folks at Ruggles Service Corporation have improved our methods of communication. Membership rolls have been updated and new members have been identified.”
- William A. Jiranek, M.D.

“During the last four years we have had four management companies. We believe we have found a good match with Ruggles Service Corporation. Within a short period of time our key functions have been put back on track and we seem to be moving in a positive direction.”
- Steven M. Snyder, D.O.

“I feel obliged to begin this President’s message with my thanks to all the staff at Ruggles for their incredible efforts and dedication to the October meeting. The first international joint meeting was a huge success with over 500 anesthesiologists in attendance.”
- Anne M. Lynn, M.D.

“I am pleased to announce that our society has received full ACCME accreditation. We are now listed on the ACCME website as a role model for other organizations, and we receive calls and messages soliciting our educational expertise. The staff at Ruggles Service Corporation deserves credit.”
- Glenn P. Gravlee, M.D.

“Having dedicated in-house personnel working on our system and being available to our members has brought the system back to life. Online registration for meetings and member renewals are back.”
- Ron Richards, CCP

“Our website has been redeveloped and made more functional. It has current information and access to member services. Besides seeing what is being done in many college committees, members can find colleagues on a real-time membership database.”
- Lee Herskowitz, D.O.